Training, not telling

Training has been defined by many dictionaries as the act to teach, to form, to make prepared, to direct the growth, and to aim, among other terms.

We, at Tiqani, believe that a trainer must not only have knowledge and experience in the subject matter, but also have certain traits that allow them to see, understand, accept, adapt, and facilitate.

Our globally certified trainers truly understand that “training is not telling” and with that, we make a measurable return on training investment.

Our training sessions are delivered through two main channels:

  • Classroom: Instructor-led, 8 hours a day ( including 3 breaks), in hotels, training centers, or meeting rooms.
  • Virtual Classroom Training (VCT): Instructor-led, flexible timing, more affordable, more accessible ( phones, tablets, laptops, desktops), better on-the-job skill application.

The Top Ten Skills, Knowledge, and Behaviours session subjects that we have been supporting our clients with are listed below. They cover all departments and job roles. They include but are not limited to:

Contact us to help you decide which is favorable for you.