• What we learned! Our first Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) Design and delivery.

    28 May 20 | Tiqani

    Introduction – Pre Virtual Classroom Training Having had my fair share of face-to-face sessions for more than 21 years, I reached a stage where I just needed to read whatever material I was given and, within 2 hours, I would be ready to deliver with activities, games, competitions, discussions, pop quizzes, you name it. I […]

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  • What do you do?

    24 Dec 18 | Tiqani

    By RUDY SHUKRI Like everyone else, Sales and Service employees are asked: “What do you do?” The typical response is: “I am a Sales consultant / service / parts advisor at company XYZ; I sell cars / I sell parts and repairs.”   Now, with the perception on sales and service being “someone taking my […]

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  • What and How, but Why?

    23 Oct 18 | Tiqani

    By RUDY SHUKRI   Working around the region for the past 20 years has taught me to always be sure to know what to do, and how to do it. All my aspirations were to always learn more by using the what and the how. Two things that are highly expected by trainers/consultants.   I […]

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  • All the caller wants is to be acknowledged

    21 Aug 18 | Tiqani

    By RUDY SHUKRI First, I would like to thank all who liked and commented on our post “To Give or Not to Give” and left their practical and interesting views. Allow me to take it from there and add our best practice. When it comes to customers/clients buying our products or services, they have ONE […]

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  • To give or not to give

    30 Jul 18 | Tiqani

    By RUDY SHUKRI Would you share your direct number with a customer?   Many customer-facing employees, managers, and probably some back-office employees, like workshop managers, share their mobile numbers with customers (personal or work numbers).Many companies make sure it is mentioned on the business card so that customers can reach them at any time to […]

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