• Virtual Selling: Series 1

    8 Aug 20 | Tiqani

    The Customer Journey In the New Era It is no secret that selling has been changing for a few years. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the change tremendously.  The ever-growing expectations of the customers, as well as the health and safety measures enforced by many governments, have had a big impact on businesses. To […]

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  • What we learned! Our first Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) Design and delivery.

    28 May 20 | Tiqani

    Introduction – Pre Virtual Classroom Training Having had my fair share of face-to-face sessions for more than 21 years, I reached a stage where I just needed to read whatever material I was given and, within 2 hours, I would be ready to deliver with activities, games, competitions, discussions, pop quizzes, you name it. I […]

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  • A new partnership between Prodiags & Tiqani to “Bring More Learning Options to you”

    8 Mar 20 | Tiqani

    As a talent development establishment, we always thrive to support automotive professionals as well as enthusiasts to quench their thirst for more learning and more information. This partnership adds another milestone in Tiqani’s mission to Inspire, Engage, and Empower.

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  • What do you do?

    24 Dec 18 | Tiqani

    By RUDY SHUKRI Like everyone else, Sales and Service employees are asked: “What do you do?” The typical response is: “I am a Sales consultant / service / parts advisor at company XYZ; I sell cars / I sell parts and repairs.”   Now, with the perception on sales and service being “someone taking my […]

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  • CDX Learning and Tiqani Management Consultancy

    27 Nov 18 | Tiqani

    Tiqani is pleased to showcase its official representation of CDX Learning. From a broad spectrum of fields, more specifically vocational and trade, CDX Learning is an interactive online learning and testing platform that was designed to meet the needs of the learners, instructors and professionals alike. As a product of Jones & Bartlett Learning, a […]

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  • What and How, but Why?

    23 Oct 18 | Tiqani

    By RUDY SHUKRI   Working around the region for the past 20 years has taught me to always be sure to know what to do, and how to do it. All my aspirations were to always learn more by using the what and the how. Two things that are highly expected by trainers/consultants.   I […]

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