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We, at Tiqani, provide talent development solutions that allow businesses and individuals to adopt a culture of measurable continuous growth.
We have spent more than 10 years uncovering talents and supporting automotive professionals in one of the most challenging industries in this time.
Having learned many lessons, this year, 2020, we have taken the initiative to widen the scope and to include in our mission support for all professionals, at all levels,in all industries.


To inspire, engage, and empower people around the globe through our creative, unparalleled, and innovative methods that make us the world’s best talent development establishment.


To facilitate the implementation of complex customer-focused strategies through training and coaching.


Our core values come from different life experiences around the world with proven positive results:

  • Inspire to move to new heights
  • Engage to discover own ways
  • Empower to unleash hidden talent

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what we do

  • Help you reduce your losses by putting the right person in the right job using cost effective methods.
  • Increase the profit per employee through targeting specific talent development areas.
  • Improve customer retention through inspiration and highly engaging learning experiences.

TIQANI acts as a liaison between the top management, middle management, and the employees by facilitating complex customer oriented strategies set by the management in the most efficient and cost-effective ways. Whether it is management, sales, technical, soft skills, or processes, our flexibility in guiding, facilitating, coaching, and training will get the job done.


Our vision of success has always been starting with the end in mind.
Set a target, set a journey, and enjoy the ride.

How does the ideal journey look like?

  • Step 1 :
    Set a target
  • Step 2 :
    Audit the processes
    Measure the Talent
  • Step 3 :
    Report, Analyze and Recommend
  • Step 4 :

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our team

  • Rudy G. Shukri
    Rudy G. Shukri FIMI

    Business Ledaer

  • Khaled Alwassia FIMI

    Associate, Talent Development

  • Farid Sfeir

    Specialist, Talent Development

  • Fatimazahra Chakkar
    Fatimazahra Chakkar

    Associate, Talent Development

  • Moncef Boukhris
    Moncef Boukhris

    Associate, Talent Development

  • Matt Molland

    Associate, Talent Development

  • Rayane Al Achkar Shukri

    External Consultant, Quality Improvement

  • Jennifer Jneid

    Marketing Executive

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  • P.O.Box:334155, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • +971 44558429
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