Who we are

Tiqani is an Automotive Talent Development firm, established to support the automotive retail and fleet industry. Since its establishment in January 2009, Tiqani has covered so far 19 countries in the Middle East, Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and in Asia delivering training and consulting services in Arabic, English,French and German.


To be known as the provider of the best hands-on learning experience for the automotive industry in the Middle East and Africa.


To facilitate the implementation of complex customer focused strategies of the automobile industry through training and coaching.


Our core values come from different life experiences around the world with proven positive results:

  • Inspire to move to new heights
  • Engage to discover own ways
  • Empower to unleash hidden talent

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what we do

  • Help you reduce your losses by putting the right person in the right job using cost effective methods.
  • Increase the profit per employee through targeting specific talent development areas.
  • Improve customer retention through inspiration and highly engaging learning experiences.

TIQANI acts as a liaison between the top management, middle management, and the employees by facilitating complex customer oriented strategies set by the management in the most efficient and cost-effective ways. Whether it is management, sales, technical, soft skills, or processes, our flexibility in guiding, facilitating, coaching, and training will get the job done.

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what we offer

  • Our scope of services spreads across all job functions of an Automotive retailer/importer.
  • E-learning (Interactive, Learning Management Systems).
  • Instructor-led training and facilitation sessions.
  • On-the job Coaching (follow up after the Instructor-led sessions).
  • Job specific assessments (Online, Recruitment, Training Needs Analysis, Continuous Professional Development Requirements) METTL
  • Bespoke training material design.
  • Management consulting.
  • Certification Program (TRACCERT Accreditation).
  • Translation Service (Automotive specific)

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our team

  • Rudy G. Shukri FIMI

    Founder and CEO

  • Khaled Alwassia FIMI

    Partner & Consultant (Saudi Arabia)

  • Elie George

    Training Consultant

  • Farid Sfeir

    Training Consultant and Translation Project Manager

  • Fatimazahra Chakkar

    Training Consultant

  • Moncef Boukhris
    Moncef Boukhris

    Training Consultant

  • Matt Molland

    Training Consultant

  • Rayane Al Achkar Shukri

    External Consultant, Quality Improvement

  • Jennifer Jneid

    Marketing Executive

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  • P.O.Box:334155, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • +971 44558429
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